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gt_pkpurTo Our Credit

Throughout the years, Peppermint has been associated with many notable artists and projects. Talents such as Maureen McGovern, Phyliss Hyman, Bill Bodine, Boom Boom Mancini, Frank Yankovic, Joey Miskulin, Angelo Babbaro, Walter Ostanek, Cahal Dunn, Darcel from Solid Gold, Blue Ash, Left End, Poobah, Sweet Thunder to mention only a few, have made music in our studio. Additionally, The American Gladiators began as concept demo at Peppermint. Gold and Platinum status was achieved with Carol Hensel's Dance and Exercise Album, a areobic album reaching Billboards' Top 40 charts. Successful Nashville song writer, Bob DiPiero, began his career making demos and jingles at Peppermint. And the Steelers, the Indians, and the Browns have had their teams immortalized with "fight songs" recorded in our studios. We are the professionals the professionals come to.

gt_pkpurComplete Recording and Mixing Services

Our combination of unique recording equipment allows us to select the perfect match of technical and technique. You'll find Telefunken, Neumann, and RCA microphones; API equalizers and compressors; Universal Audio tube preamps for each mic input; Scully and Ampex analog recorders; Alesis, Sony, Panasonic and Card DeLux Digital systems; Eventide, Lexicon, Classic DBX, Quadraverb, Fairchild, and Yamaha processing; Sound Forge digital mastering; and an acoustical environment large enough to accommodate a big band. Our philosophy has always been that the mix begins with the mic selection and sound check It's this combination of talent, equipment and experience that makes Peppermint, the home of the perfect mix.

gt_pkpurOn-Location Live Recording

There are times when its impossible to bring the mountain to Mohammad. No, that special pipe organ can't be moved from the church and that musical concert can't be performed in the studio. And that "recorded live" album just has to be recorded live. When situations like these prevail, then we will come to you. Peppermint has produced many notable location recordings, taking our equipment to the scene to capture the moment, then returning to the studio for the final mixing and editing. It's the best of both worlds and makes for exciting recordings.

gt_pkpurConvention and Seminar Services

We can provide a valuable service for convention and seminar gatherings by recording the presentations given to the members and making CD copies immediately available. Also, we can assist in the preparation of A-V materials for use at the meeting.

gt_pkpurCustom CD Reproduction

Like magic, we will transform your album to digital CD. We can work from your master tape, vinyl album, even cassette. We can provide full color packaging and graphic design. You choose the quantity that fits your budget...1 to 1000...and we'll make the copies you need, quickly and economically.


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