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"Blurred Vision"
Peppermint Records PR5077
Available on CD

1. That's All That Matters To Me (3:26)
2. Sandy, Shandi* (2:28)
3. Buckaroo Medley (A Tribute To Buck Owens) (13:27)
4. A Dream And A Wish* (3:49)
5. Bar Standers* (2:31)
6. Kuczku Oberek (2:12)
7. On Second Thought (3:23)
8. Happy Bachelor (2:13)
9. The Things I Wanna Do* (3:06)
10. Leaving Warsaw (2:04)
11. We May Never Pass This Way (3:42)
* Denotes Original Compositions

PhoCus is:
Eric Bakowski - Concertina
Andrew Kuczmarski - Drums, Persussion
Matt Lewandowski - Bass, Piano, Perscussion, Vocals
Jim Nowaczewski - Trumpet, Vocals
Robin Pegg - Accordion, Vocals
Bob 'Chaz' Wroblewski - Trumpets, Trombone, Vocals
Guest Artist: Matt Rosinski - Accordion, Concertina

Produced by PhoCus & Peppermint Records
Project Coordinators: Del Sinchak & Gary Rhamy
Recorded at MaxStudios, Cheektowaga, NY
Engineered by Matt Lewandowski (Andrew Kuczmarski, Asst)
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Lewandowski at MaxStudios
Graphics and Layout by Gary Juszkiewicz & Andrew Kuczmarski
Jackitart Studios; editied by Sandy Lewandowski

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