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The Sardichs
Peppermint Records PR5076
Available on CD

1. Sincerely
2. I Don't Wanna
3. My Special Angel
4. Turn Around Look At Me
5. Love The World Away
6. Come On Over
7. Send A Little Love
8. That'll Keep Me Dreamin'
9. Butterfly
10. Oh, I Want To See Him
11. I Love To Tell The Story
12. The Star Spangled Banner

Barb - Lead Vocals and Keyboards
Margaret - Vocals and Keyboards
Stephen - Vocals, Keyboards and Tambourine
Bobby - Lead Vocals, Drums and Percussion
Bill - Vocals on "The Star Spangled Banner" and Bass
Gregg Robison - Guitars and Mandolin
Richard DeOnofrio - Saxophone and Wind Controller
Ron "Austi" Austalosh - Strings and Organ
Ryan Ogrodny - Fiddle
Valerie Bennett - Vocals on "Oh I Want To See Him"

Gary Rhamy - Recording and Mix Engineer
Del Sinchak and Gary Rhamy - Producers
Management - DelRha Productions
Recorded at Peppermint Productions - Youngstown, Ohio

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