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"Everyone's Choice - Volume IV"
The Mahoning Valley Button Box Club
Peppermint Records PR5073
Available on CD

1. Euclid Vets Polka
2. You Are My OneTrue Love Waltz**
3. Rolling Rock Polka
4. Erica Waltz**
5. Dublevska
6. When The Snow Is On The Roses**
7. Don't Sweetheart Me Polka**
8. My Green Valley Waltz**
9. My Sweetheart Polka
10. Zora Je & Blejdi Mesec**
11. Hickory Polka
12. Little Fella Waltz**
13. My Sweet Lorraine**
14. La Golandrina Waltz
15. Nidelvin Waltz**
16. Moj Fantic Je Prijezdil Polka**
17. Doreens's Waltz
18. Down By The Riverside**
19. When We Meet Again Waltz**
20. Not Going Home For A While Waltz
21. Flying High Polka**
22. How Quickly Time Passes**
** Denotes Vocal

Kay Sefcik* - Music Director
Irene Meser* - Co-Music Director
Rocky Piccirilli* - Co-Music Director
Kathy Paulenich*
Peg Susany
Helen Gavran
Irene Pavlich
Marty Pavlich
Kathy Gladyz
John Tarasut*
John Ross - Drums, Vocals & Yodeling
Kathy Paulenich - Tramburitza Prim & Keyboards
John Tarasut - Whistling

John Gerl - Drums, Vocals & Yodeling
Denny Bucar - Bass, Vocals & Yodeling
Ray Kolodzie - Vocals
Art Tracey - Bass
Jim Sefcik - Bass
Frank Okicki - Guitar
Norm Kobal - Clarinet & Flute

Gary Rhamy - Recording and Mix Engineer
Rik Willmitch - Additional Engineering
Kay Sefcik, Rocky Piccirilli, Irene Meser - Project Co-ordinaters
Recorded at Peppermint Productions - Youngstown, Ohio

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