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Stan Blout
Peppermint Records PR5065
Available on CD

1. Would You Love Me
2. My Grandson's Polka
3. Only For You Waltz
4. Jelse's Polka
5. Jacqueline's Waltz
6. You'll Be Sorry Polka
7. Sailing Waltz
8. Take Back Your Heart Polka
9. Nikke's Waltz
10. Seven Springs Polka
11. You My Love Waltz
12. Blue Lady Polka
13. Pauline's Waltz
14. Eddie's Polka
15. Dorothy's Waltz
16. Tootsie's Polka
17. Show Me The Way To Go Home

Stan Blout - Accordion and Keyboards
Jack Tankovich - Saxophone and Vocals
Denny Marold - Bass and Vocals
Eddie Rodick III - Banjo and Guitar
Ralph Deligatti - Piano
Dave Wolnick - Drums

Special Guests
Toni Trontel Solarz - Vocals "Would You Love Me"
John Ross - Harmony Vocal "Show Me The Way To Go Home"

The Ablout Gang
Chuck Esposito, Eva Esposito, Alice Merdich. Martha Mesaros, Betty Milano, John Ross, Andy Serenko, Bob Sofranek, Monica Sofranek, Tim Sokol, Marion Urichich

Joe Fedorchak - Production Consultant
Project Co-ordinator - Del Sinchak
Gary Rhamy - Recording and Mix Engineer
Recorded at Peppermint Productions - Youngstown, Ohio

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