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"Magic To Your Ears"
The Magic Buttons
Peppermint Records PR5053
Available on CD & Cassette

1. Eddie's Polka
2. El Rio Drive
3. Green Magic Land (Vocals by Denny Bucar)
4. Penguin Polka
5. Play, Play Your Accordion (Vocals by Ray Zalokar)
6. Hoyer's March
7. Colonial Inn Waltz
8. You're My Something Polka (Vocals by Denny Bucar and Ron Sluga)
9. Linda's Lullabye
10. Never On Sunday (Vocals by Ray Zalokar)
11. Mom And Pops Polka
12. Windmill Waltz
13. Pauline's Polka
14. Charm Of YOur Beautiful Dark Eyes
15. Mary Mine (Vocal by Ray Zalokar)
16. Buddy Lou's
17. Ray and Mary's Waltz (Vocals by Denny Bucar)
18. Lakeshore Polka
10. Trilogy of Memories (Vocal by Denny Bucar and Ron Sluga)

Linda Hochevar - Bass & Button Box
Pat salvato - Button Box
Pat Corradi - Button Box
Pauline Meaney - Button Box
Pat O'Mearo - Button Box
Sheila salvato - Percussion Rhythm
Bob Wolf - Drums
Joseph Shumar - Saxophone

Special Guests:
Denny Bucar, Norm Kobal, Ron Likovic, Eddie Rodick III, Ron Sluga, and Ray Zalokar

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