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"Vintage Bud" ~ Bud Hundenski and The Corsairs
Peppermint Records PR5086
Available on CD

The Corsairs:

    Bud Hundenski: Accordion   

    Larry Davis: Trumpet

    Skip McAuliffe: Trumpet

    Rick "Mo" Mansfield: Tenor/Alto Saxophone

    Chuck Pendrak: Clarinet, Tenor/Alto Saxophone

    Gene "Euge" Turtzer: Electric Bass

    Chuck "Charlie" Modzelewski: Drums

Arrangements: Bud Hundenski

Produced by Bud Hundenski & Chuck Pendrak

Musical Editing: Terry Narvey

Mastered at Peppermint Productions - Youngstown, Oh

Mastering Engineer: Gary Rhamy

Project Coordinator: Del Sinchak

Graphic Design: Gary Rhamy

Peppermint Records - 803 E. Indianola Ave ~ Youngstown, Ohio 44502

 (330) 783-2222  info@peppermintrecords.com 

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